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The decal you receive is made of the highest quality perforated vinyl which means it's completely see-thru from the inside of your car, simple to apply and painless to remove. No sticky residue. Switching between campaigns should you so desire will be a breeze. 

Stickr uses only the best perforated vinyl material. 


Nope. We partner with real brands that pay you to advertise on your car. Think of it like turning your car into a "mini billboard" and someone else is paying you rent. 

Is this BS?

The stickr is see-thru from the inside so you can still see clearly through your back window. It's easy to apply, leaves no sticky residue and takes just a couple minutes. 

How do I see?

Yep. You pay $10 which acts as a deposit for your decal each month. Every month you submit a photo of your decal you receive your cash earnings, gift card and  your $10 deposit back. 


I love this program. It's residual income each month. Can't beat that!

Great service and simple to start. I recommend Stickr to anyone. It's an awesome way to make some extra cash. 


Your monthly membership is FREE after your decal installation rebate. You pay $10 and as soon as you submit your photo proving you placed your decal you get that $10 right back (and then some, obviously!)

How you earn for promoting local businesses

Earn Cash

Advertise for businesses looking to increase their exposure and earn cash + $50-$175 gift card to restaurants in your area every single month.

Available in all 50 states. No need to change your driving route. No vehicle/mile restrictions.

Your see-thru decal is made from high end perforated vinyl material. It's the same stuff on city bus windows. 

Available Everywhere

See-thru Decal

Earn upwards of $2,300 in cash and gift card compensation annually.

Stick it on. Drive. Get Paid.

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Important - This video is only a brief overview of the basics; don't rely on it as a full explanation. Read all terms and conditions carefully before deciding to participate as a driver. 

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