Drive. Get Paid. You're Welcome.


Open Letter: 

All Prospective Drivers

ReferralCars is unlike any other vehicle advertising program because we match our drivers to commission-based and non-commission-based campaigns.


And why is that distinction so important?

Our competitors offer only non-commission based campaigns, meaning campaigns where drivers are paid a set amount each month for driving with their ad. The problem with only offering these types of campaigns is that less than 1% of the drivers who apply get matched to a campaign. Ever. That means that 99% of applicants never make a dime. And that's a major bummer. 

By also offering entry level campaigns where drivers earn money on a commission basis we are able to work with a wide variety of organizations including businesses with smaller budgets. This means that instead of only being able to work with a tiny fraction of our applicants, we match over 95% of our drivers with a real passive income making campaign. 

Another reason we're unique is because of the size and placement of our ads. We offer mostly small, see-thru rear window decals which means our drivers never have to worry about razor blade scratches to their paint like they do with our competitors. Not only do our decals never damage your vehicle, they also never hinder your sight.

We offer both local and national campaigns. Our customer service is second to none and our earnings guarantee takes all the risk out of our program. Make money within 90 days of accepting one of our campaigns or claim a $100 gift card*. Simple.  

Drive. Get Paid. You're Welcome. 


"Absolutely blown away! It's INCREDIBLE having such a simple program that pays me to do what I already do...all day. Thanks so so much! Uber and Lyft and now this!"

- George M.

    Uber/Lyft Driver


3450 N. Triumph Blvd

Suite 102 - Lehi, Utah - 84043


[email protected]

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